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    boarding house ' the Blue wave '

    boarding house ` the Blue wave `, Alushta, Crimea

    In 1981 "to year on one of picturesque hillsides of Alushty, ashore" the most dark blue in the world "Black sea the boarding house with the romantic name" Blue wave "has hospitably opened the doors. Annually in it correct health about 4,5 thousand persons, visitors practically from all CIS countries.

    The Boarding house "Blue wave" is a complex where all services are located under one roof. Cosy one - 2, 3, 4 local numbers, numbers "Lux" with all to conveniences (a bath, a shower, a toilet, cold, hot water), in each number a refrigerator, the TV (with connection of satellite TV), an individual balcony with lozovoj furniture the Part of numbers telefonizirovana. Numbers "Lux" and "Junior suite" are conditioned.

    Spacious, with good design the club and a dining room are calculated on 270 seats, there is libraries, a medical aid station where to services having a rest the doctor-therapist, the pediatrist, the stomatologist, In a boarding house hall shahmatno-shashechnye the table, long-distance call boxes, work exit railway cash desks.

    In boarding house territory are available tennis and volleyball courts, a bar, a dance pavilion. Nearby fine park with attractions.

    boarding house ` the Blue wave `, Alushta, Crimea To the sea conducts a foot tunnel in the extent of 300 metres On a beach to services having a rest shadow canopies, plank beds, locker rooms, stationary honey the block equipped with posts of the person on duty and the rescuer, a shower with fresh water, hire point plavsredstv (surfings, catamarans, walking yachts).

    In the first-aid post located here to you will attentively listen and the doctor-therapist will assist, and in a massage office for your weariness there will be no also a trace. In a first-aid post doctors work: the stomatologist, the masseur, the pediatrist.

    At our health resort the perspective future. The next years the medical case with the advanced health services, with swimming pool where water procedures can be accepted all year long will be constructed.

    The Amicable, diligent collective of a health resort, pure sea air will make your rest in boarding house "Blue wave" remembered, will strengthen health. And the mood and impressions will suffice till next year.

    For an additional payment following services are rendered: a massage office; a taxi call; delivery from station of Simferopol; excursions on JU.B.K. (A hero town Sevastopol - a panorama, a diopama, an oceanarium; G, Bakhchisarai - hansky a palace, a harem, a fountain of tears. An Uspensky monastery; the Pike perch - New Light - tasting of sparkling wines, the Genoa fortress; a city: Yalta, Livadija, Alupka and. t.d. Marble caves. A valley of ghosts, falls Wuchang-sou, Dzhur-Dzhur and many other things).

    boarding house ` the Blue wave `, Alushta, Crimea Treatment on the basis of sanatorium "Gold ear", located in 400 metres from boarding house, in following directions:

  • respiratory organs (not tubercular character)
  • neurologic diseases
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • diseases of the oporno-impellent device
  • endokrinologija
  • functional frustration of nervous system
  • gynecologic diseases
  • Children are accepted on rest only from 5 years. Cost of the children's permit (on an added bed) makes 50% from cost of residing of the adult and stands out on the child till 12 years. In rest the tutor will pay attention to your children.

    In vjazi that in boarding house territory there is no equipped parking place, the boarding house does not bear responsibility for personal motor transport having a rest.

    Payment for permits is accepted on non-cash or in cash - from 20 c.u. to 38 c.u. one kojko-day with three meals a day.

    the Name:
    rest Boarding house "Blue wave"
    the Address:
    Republic of Crimea, Alushta, the lane Rekopsky, 7
    (06560 5-82-39, 3-42-54, 3-37-92, 3-52-84
    Medical services:
    Tooth prosthetics, a massage office, the therapist.
    a Food:
    Rasctojanie to the sea:
    the Infrastructure:
    the Athletic field, courts, billiards, a cinema, the park, the equipped beach, a dance pavilion, a bar, library, a video hall, a first-aid post, excursion bureau, booking of tickets.
    a work Season:
    All year long
    1-mestn. Number
    2-mestn. Number
    3-mestn. Number
    In number:
    the Shower, a washstand, a toilet, the TV, a refrigerator, a radio receiving station, satellite TV.

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