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    a health Arsenal

    Big Alushta - an all-the-year-round resort, and in each season is the delights. And each component of the nature can show you the salutary possibilities.

    Cолнечные baths improve state of health and make active all functions of an organism, the blood structure improves, healing of wounds and ulcers is accelerated. The skin becomes smooth, as if the polished.

    Duration of solar light on our resorts much more exceeds level of Nitstsy, Sochi. Only in a warm half of year - from April till October under the long-term data the sun shines almost 2 thousand the hours, not covered with clouds. It more than in Sochi for all year. To sunbathe in Big Alushte as it is surprising, it is possible also in the winter, both in December, and in other winter months necessarily happens one two weeks to a shining sun and warm air. On each beach, especially among stone haosov, there are special places which at local are called "ёъютюЁюфърьш" - they are protected from a wind from different directions and only from the south (on that it and Southern coast) are opened to the tender sun.

    Consider only that spring beams (April-May) pass through especially pure air, therefore it is possible to scorch very quickly - do not take a great interest!

    Relative humidity air in Crimea almost always and everywhere is insignificant - within 65 - 80% (for comparison: in Sahara air has humidity of less than 15%, in Thailand about 90%, during downpours - to 100%), at us is easily breathed even in a heat.

    The Alushtinsky valley - the most spacious on Juzhnoberezhe, here never happens is stuffy, at night it airs is mountain-dolinnye winds, bringing the freshest air of century beechen woods and mountain meadows of reserve.

    the Black Sea water comprises almost all elements of the table of Mendeleyev, salt structure it has much in common with salt structure of blood and a lymph of the person. All vital microcells - iodine, bromine, phosphorus and others are acquired at bathings directly through a skin. The metabolism improves, trains cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the organism becomes tempered. in comparison with more southern resorts Crimea wins that water usually does not get warm above 24 degrees With and always gives vivacity.

    The Unique effect of any bathing - - on the sea reaches a hydromassage of a maximum: water puts pressure upon a body, pressure omnidirectional and changeable. At movement elasticity of muscles considerably increases in water, and the skin becomes ironed and velvety...

    For Big Alushty alternation of days almost without a wave - with the tender sea, and a wave with "срЁр°ърьш" is characteristic; - waves in 2-3 points when and to bathe not dangerously, and it is very healthy to flounder on waves - no attraction to be compared to it.

    At the big wave to come into the sea further, than on a breast dangerously. And during a storm simply enough to take a walk at water and to take a breath of the special sea air sated unusually useful with aerosols.

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