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    Big Alushta

    Big Alushta – the administrative area of Crimea stretched from Partenita in the southwest to with. Privetnoe in the southeast. It totals more than 80 health resorts, some tens time bases of rest, recreation camps of students and the schoolboys capable simultaneously to accept on improvement and treatment more of 20 thousand of persons, and also about 30 private minihotels.

    The Resort part of the city of Alushta - east. Some health resorts are in the central part of a city, near to the sea. Many sanatoria, boarding houses and rest houses, are located in amazing places on beauty - the Professorial corner, resort settlements Rock and Partenit.

    Fans of independent rest prefer east coast - Solnechnegorsk, Malorechensky, Fishing, Privetnoe. Inhabitants of these coastal villages with pleasure hand over the rooms. Here many boarding houses and bases of rest are located, there are campings, parking places. Involve having a rest fine spacious beaches.

    The Alushtinsky resort - seaside, climatic, favorable for treatment of illnesses of respiratory organs of not tubercular character, and also diseases of cardiovascular and nervous systems. It also has defined the basic medical specialisation of health resorts of a resort,

    We Will notice that to patients recommend for treatment the periods from April till June and from September till November - at this time climatic influence for an organism especially efektivno.

    The Sea at Alushty, as well as along all Southern coast of Crimea, never freezes. In a swimming season shtormit it is rare. Beaches good, melkogalechnye and peschannye, the swimming season lasts from the end of May till October. Sometimes, however, very seldom, happens sgon - when the strong wind drives a heated-up layer of sea water from a land from coast deep into the seas, However, in couple of days water again warm, but its blanket obogoshchaetsja salts.

    Rusanov Igor
    Garmash Peter

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