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    об_Алуште. Appreciate the money

    Had a rest with the wife in Alushte in June 2006. Lived in minihotel with a breakfast and a dinner. All that is good in this dirty resort-it fruit, mountains, the sea and pair of small restaurants and one disco (Sound).kto will go the restaurant the Meeting (quality of meal and service such that you will not always meet and in Moscow, and it is twice less the than price (800р on full on 2х with vodka, wine and a dessert) is recommended with the wife and the restaurant Beijing it is more expensive, but the cook the Chinese and prepares obaldenno. Well it is all while about positive. In hotel for a breakfast gave a miracle yoghurt (cheapest), Z cutlets in the swept away sauce - to steam of slices ross.syra (light pokrajam and yellow in the middle), polukopchennuju kolbasku which we any more did not eat years 10. And when the wife has asked an additional slice of cheese as the cutlet since the morning e has not got used to eat answered-excuse it is not necessary. Dinners were tasty. First when we have arrived hotel was thin and portions for a dinner were very big and when through a week the hotel was filled-portion steels much less and all became clear. Beaches are overflowed by low budget Ukrainians and service there is not present. All local population looks on having a rest with envy and thoughts to heat up babla. Somehow and the mid-morning snack period have decided to come into one "Ёхё=юЁрэёшъ" at the sea and to have a drink cold beer. The waiter has refused to accept the order and has told that already time by the evening and those who will take are served only hot, though at restaurant was still empty. At station in Simferopol the mafia of porters makes a fool and draws out last money and if you allow repulse-threaten not to come any more. Voobshchem once again it was necessary to go there to understand that Crimea and rest business incompatible (for those who appreciates comfort and it is ready to pay 1500-2000$ and more for a two and does not love spirit of periphery).nichego there good is not present, except the nature. Appreciate the money. We for ourselves have understood that zhiguli becomes yet fast a foreign car.....

    the Author: Vitaly, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 7 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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