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    об_Алуште. It is a little price-list

    It would be desirable will share the impressions about our trip to Alushtu. As in various reports laid out on the Internet, there is not enough information on the prices I have decided to dilute the report in figures and the prices (a few price-list).

    I will begin from the very beginning as we have got on a train.

    We went together so have solved shikanut and took ST. (two seats in a compartment, directly as a small room). At once to us have given to the declaration for filling, have explained nothing, so it was necessary to torment the girl-frontier guard in Kharkov (it was in 4-4.30 mornings).

    For bed-clothes have paid 70 rbl. (in a reserved seat it costs 50руб. Or 7 grivnas). The conductor translates the prices from roubles in grivnas at the rate of 7 - 7,5 roubles for grivna (for the inquiry a course in Alushte 5.78 for grivna, and in Yalta and Simferopol – 6,13 for grivna). That though somehow to be guided in the prices, multiplied all prices on 6 (took an average course).

    For all it is paid separately, tea, sugar, coffee, cinema (and such in SV is) is available the price-list. The choice of films is very limited to 6-8 cartridges (basically insurgents and animated cartoons for children and the Soviet film about war) that is at a conductor. There is this pleasure of 35 roubles for 1 film. In general, not bad, the conditioner works so that became cold under a blanket but when it have disconnected at night, at once became stuffy and hot. The first time have stopped in Belgorod - have quickly thrown us and passports a sight and have left, the second time in Kharkov, there was more difficult. Long stood, at first have passed have simply glanced and have left, they long knocked to us on doors (we preliminary have closed them, whether it is not enough that...) Have then come to check passports. About money did not ask, only have asked to write to declarations where we eat, it is desirable the exact address. We long tried to explain that we eat with savages and the exact address we do not learn, while on a place we will not be arranged. As a result us have lagged behind, the truth, was necessary to write that we go in Alushtu.

    As soon as have arrived to Simferopol, to us at once began to stick to bring where we only will wish. The tariff depends on car mark (to Alushty of 42 km)

    Our old marks of cars - 1.5 grivnas for km.

    ponovee, i.e. comfort it is more than car - 2 grivnas for km.

    And foreign cars with the raised comfort - 2.5 grivnas for km.

    We have gone by a trolley bus to Alushty for 12.6 grivnas for a two, the truth, take for luggage, but a little... Went 2ч 30мин, on heat (would take better the car). Left on Road service station, have handed over things in a left-luggage office and have gone to search for habitation. Have spent 3 hours (in the street 35 degrees in a shade). At first to us have offered habitation for 30$ (if it is possible so to name it). A tiny corridor where there is a table and a plate, further a bathroom (quite good it is necessary to tell, but too very small), then a room 2м on 2м with one narrow sofa, without windows with one floor fan. From the sea of 5 minutes on foot from mountain, it will be necessary so to come back uphill, but we somehow have not dared (referring to sad last year's experience). As a result of anything suitable without having found, we have returned on Road service station, there it is a lot of those who offers habitation or as still there speak «a habitation stock exchange». Same "Stock exchange" is at trolleybus station (it is minutes of 15 walkings from Road service station along the street Bitter downwards to the sea). Have offered us at first apartment behind Road service station in a skyscraper for 15$, it approximately 30 mines from the sea, but we have agreed on one-room apartment on a turn-key basis for 25$, 15 mines from the sea in sleeping area. A good flat with the big loggia, the TV, a separate bathroom, kitchen, a refrigerator, on a turn-key basis. It would be desirable to tell that all coast is built up by boarding houses, the private sector is above and further from the sea.

    The first our shock was that almost all beaches in Alushte paid and belong to what or to boarding house, the approach to the sea practically is not present. The unique place where it was possible to bathe free of charge is a pier, but there to go down in water a little inconveniently, it is possible to get to water on a rope and of water get out as. It was possible to reach certainly to the Working corner, said that there too there are free beaches, but every day there not naezdishsja. There is a city beach, pass on it costs 3 grivnas. To the people there nemerenno (it is still softly told). Still the beach near parking of steam-ships and boats, costs an input on a beach of 2 grivnas. There is an offer to bathe near mountain "Aju-dag", there a stony beach, the beach, and stony coast is faster at all. There is it 60 grivnas from the person, and to reach it on a boat 1ч 30мин, bathing somewhere 2 hours, and then back in Alushtu.

    Alushta dirty, in the sea the bottles, different packages, bits from not eaten up food, stubs of cigarettes constantly float. On a pier smells as in a toilet (brr). In some parks of a dump of dust. If on quay still somehow clean, there where it is not visible because of trays with souvenirs, simply heaps of dust with flies and corresponding smells. I wish to tell that round the house, in which we lived (it pjatietazhka) very purely, tenants are cleaned. But there where nobody lives, the dust suffices.

    There is a cafe Internet, hour of the Internet costs – 12 grivnas, is on 10 grivnas in an hour, there is it near church (it considerably from many places of a city).

    Excursions were also very various, but during too time all identical.

    We went only on three excursions (all the same dorogovato).

    The first is "AjuDag" or other name "Bear-mountain". There Are 60 grivnas from the person. At once I wish to tell that it at all excursion, and is simple bathing on a wild beach. The beach is located in reserve territory, but also there too is dirty (but only ashore, between stones) I already wrote above, what there a beach. The boat on which us carried, is not intended completely not for transportation of people, an hour and a half drivings to a bathing place, to sit out very difficultly. We during bathing were overtaken by a rain, and we came back in the rain. The awning tense with top rescued only a table at which we sat. So back, we went on a boat all wet and frozen (on a back strongly dripped from the sky and an awning). I have earned a cold and cold fairly.

    The second excursion is a Botanical garden, the Swallow's nest and Evening Yalta. There is it 50 grivnas from the person plus if want in "Kaktusary" 2 grivnas more. We wanted simply a sightseeing tour across Yalta (a city to look), but such they do not do. Us have carried by the bus. It was interesting, pleasant to stand in a shade of trees in a heat. The guide told about trees and the bushes growing in a garden, is very informative it is necessary to tell. In the bus told various legends. To us have told that to Lastochkinogo of a nest to go not long from mountain, but it has appeared what to go far enough, and then accordingly to come back the same way. But it is all the same beautiful. To the people it is a lot of, all wish to be photographed. That it was necessary to suffer, but shots beautiful have turned out. Yalta was last stop. At us was an hour and a half a free time. We attempted in McDonald's, and have gone to walk. As to us have told, in Yalta there are no beaches, people go to bathe in various other places. We fairly to tell – promajalis all this time. To be photographed it became darkish.

    The third excursion is a horse walk at three o'clock. Here after it I more would like nothing. To us 30 minutes told, how it is necessary to sit, go, operate correctly (all it was not required, horses went in itself, and any management it was not required, yes they and did not obey). Horses simply slowly went. So we went an hour and a half on heat. Have reached lake, had a drink tea which was prepared by the girl-conductor and have gone as back. Next day strongly was ill the priest. To go it was sick. And for it we have paid 170 grivnas for a two (is better we houses would remain).

    On Alushte too it is possible to take a walk, if the city is interesting to you, sights are, but for them very long to search. We hardly have found a tower of a fortress of "Aluston", it practically all has been built up by private constructions so to approach to it it is possible only on the one hand. There is it on street on April, 15th. Still there is a tank, we have seen it in general casually, walked on suburb Alushty (I repent, I do not know in what street it is). It is better to go on small streets, there the people it is less. In such streets, by the way, it is possible have fallen in price to buy fruit.

    To have dinner in Alushte on the average it is possible for 40 grivnas (it approximately 250р) for two with the first, the second and compote, the prices in all cafes different so it is possible and it will more be spent. With perekusami it is possible not to have dinner at all, everywhere something prepare. In the market peaches stand 10-12 grivnas for 1 kg (more expensively than in Moscow). Cakes there very tasty but to buy better not on quay, and in the market near to a cinema "Storm" there is cheaper (on quay 7 gr. For a piece, and in that market 4,50-5 gr.). There are dining rooms and kafeshki (cafe there in the majority). However, service there very strange (the first dishes very long it is necessary to wait, and bring their cold …).

    Weather has pumped up, came was very much hot, but next day there was a hurricane with a rain and a hailstones. After it the temperature has fallen to 25 degrees in a shade, and that sun was only in first half of day. The water temperature was 22-24 degrees. As a result, when you leave, like the sun for now you reach a beach, weather varies.

    Left too very boringly. The taxi driver to us has told, that we were ready by 10 o'clock and waited for it in the street, we and have made. We left before for 20 minutes, having waited for it 45 mines and without having waited, have caught other taxi (time very strongly drew in us). For 100 grivnas have reached for 1час 10мин to Simferopol (with the first we have agreed for 80 grivnas). Had dinner in McDonald's. (For comparison if BigMak there is interesting there are 8 grivnas). Back went in a reserved seat. In the car it is stuffy, windows do not open. provodnitsy there were probationers (very young little girls), they have extinguished light only after we have passed both borders (have asked passengers), it was approximately at o'clock in the morning. Under the schedule we should arrive in 11ч 17 mines, but at our train the locomotive has broken, and we have staid in Serpukhov an hour and a half. As a result the train has arrived only in 12ч 50мин.

    the Author: Tatyana To, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 8 times ()
    A story Estimation: Very Good  

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