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    об_Алуште. Never in Crimea was earlier

    the Report Crimea August 2003 (Alushta – professorial small town)

    Never in Crimea was earlier …

    It was interesting to see about what my acquaintances and friends spoke.

    And opinions was much.

    I will begin one after another …

    the Train 29 «Moscow – Simferopol»

    Quite normally, the car, the truth, has appeared rather shabby. But has carried with neighbours.

    Conductors tried to sell tea (1 bag – 10 roubles) when have asked to sell separately sugar – to us have refused.

    Or to sugar to buy tea or in general anything ….

    As a whole, the trip to a train was saddened by nothing.

    Frontier guards rather cultural, did not check a bag, landed nobody ….

    Arrival on station in Simferopol.

    Taxi drivers continually, are ready to bring anywhere and "absolutely cheaply".

    We in Moscow have decided to stop in Alushte or Alupke.

    In Alushte there was an arrangement with the grandmother, we were waited by a room with all conveniences, besides for rather «a moderate payment». About it is later.

    We have caught a taxi (20 grivnas from the person) and have rushed off in a direction to Alushte.

    The driver has appeared the local, Alushtinsky inhabitant, very accurate driver and simply pleasant interlocutor.

    He has kindly offered some variants of habitation. But we have been initially focused on cheaper variants …. It would be desirable to rent a room within 10 c.u. Naive …

    As a result, us have landed about road service station in Alushte. The weight of people hands over habitation … We even two variants have looked, the truth very far from the sea. On the average – 20 c.u. a day.

    Have decided to go to our grandmother, which on bodies. Assured us that necessarily all will arrange …

    We come and is visible …. A shed, water only cold, to the sea of 20 minutes, and there on quay of minutes 10.

    And the habitation has risen in price (instead of 10у.е. Began to cost 15у.е.)

    But would be for what ….

    To us remains nothing how to cause our driver and to go to look other variants.

    So we have appeared in Professorial small town (near to boarding house Alushta).

    That was pleasant at once so it is affinity to the sea and presence of hot water.

    The room was very crude, at owners something has leaked from above when those did repair.

    But we have awfully got tired, forces were not to go anywhere.

    Room removed for 20 c.u. a day.

    Problems with a food and a beach has not arisen.

    On quay we ate in the Resort dining room: it is tasty, nutritious and is absolutely inexpensive.

    The dinner (the first, the second, juice, rolls, salad) managed on the average in 12-14 grivnas (1 grivna - of 6 dews. Roubles)

    Beach have made free, paid only for an umbrella (3 grivnas a day)

    Water rather pure, it is possible to bathe.

    Ukrainians have a rest basically, many of which about good manners at all did not hear.

    That has amazed, so it how people litter that place where they have a rest.

    Dust mountains …. Almost everywhere ….

    Went by excursion:

    - Excursion on coast on a boat (Professorial small town – the Swallow's nest – Evening Yalta)

    (45 grivnas for the person) For those who well transfers sea rolling.

    The swallow's nest has a little disappointed. Serenko. Beautiful only a kind from the sea. It is possible not to descend on coast.

    - Vorontsovsky palace, Livadijsky palace, Ah - Petri, the Glade of fairy tales, the Nikitsky Botanical garden. We were accompanied by our taxi driver (for all the day – have paid 60 c.u. for the car) the Remarkable trip.

    If to choose from the aforesaid, necessarily visit the Vorontsovsky palace and Ah - Petri. The amazing nature, cleanliness of air, greatness of mountains.

    - New World - the Pike perch. A trip by the bus (excursion of 60 grivnas from the person) – Agency "Bat".

    Very much it was pleasant to me. Beauty indescribable. Especially I advise to visit a New World, to bathe in the Green bay with a sandy bottom.

    In other days (and them remains not too much) – bathed, walked on coast.

    To Central Alushty on coast 2 km there are less. It is useful to walk and take a breath of fresh air …

    If strongly will get tired, it is possible to catch a taxi or the boy on a bicycle (on the average: 4-5 grivnas to Professorial small town from Alushty Central)

    Journey to a municipal transportation – 70 copeck

    On fruit, water, wine and beer – the prices almost as in Moscow (water-melons – 80 copeck for 1 kg, apples–2,5 / 3 grivnas, peaches – 3 grivnas, beer (especially I advise «Chernigov White» - roughly 3 grivnas 0, 5л), wine (the present Massandrovsky – from 12 to 50 grivnas (besides under the prices of the manufacturer).

    On pouring wine bought only on Ah-petri (15 grivnas for 0,5). In the same place have bought different improving teas and gathering (a non-polluting product).

    In Crimea many good places, rather unostentatious service and having much a rest.

    For 10 days (including cost of Ry tickets (compartment) has been spent 350 u.e (absolutely for all: excursions, souvenirs, cafe etc.)

    It is a lot of it or a little - to you to judge ….

    The next year it would be desirable to go somewhere else …. Quite probably that this trip to Crimea will be not last.

    Good luck.

    the Author: Anastas, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 03 2009
    It is seen: 5 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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