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    об_Алуште. Native Alushta

    Last 3 years I from Alushty live in Kiev. But as soon as I come home at me there are contradictory feelings, on the one hand it is pleasant to see native, close, to stay in the family circle, but on the other hand, as to a city and rest as a whole I will tell the following: the Prices simply space! Fruit is more expensive than in Kiev on Bessarabke!.chto me first of all has amazed so it is dirty streets, the dust everywhere rolls. It is a lot of dust on tratuarah. Such sensation that the city was not cleaned the whole year, and even at all two years ago. As to service it is a separate theme, and can this theme while is not present, as there is no also a service.

    I very much love the city! But, to tell the truth, it is not pleasant to me to see in what desolation there is our resort.

    the Author: Denis
    It is placed: 1 27 2007
    It is seen: 10 times ()
    A story Estimation: Good  

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