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    об_Алуште. Rather silent and quiet city

    Alushta - rather silent and quiet city. On the other hand, during the resort season, having here again a rest the sea. In hammered kafeshkah on quay it would not be desirable, therefore walked very much and breathed sea air.

    By the end of day have laid things in backpacks, have checked up presence of all necessary, have bought products, and have gone to mountains.

    About Crimea write much. But each story about it is unique and is not similar to others. Also I therefore have decided to describe our rest in Crimea and a campaign in mountains in this summer.

    I went much, saw much. Has seen half of Europe and much where happened in Asia. But "cultural trips" when it was necessary to follow the strict schedule of movement were more often it so-called, and not to lag behind group.

    And it would be desirable to relax and do simply all to the heart's content. And not houses on a sofa, and so that with advantage as a hobby and bodies.

    Has recollected the youthful campaigns to Crimea and has understood is the best variant in this case. After all in Crimea there is all - both solar beaches, and the dark blue sea, both mountains, and dense vegetation and … in general everything that during that moment was wished by my soul.

    So, us, adherents, has gathered six persons. All different by a trade both congenial. There were also beginners in campaigns - girls, therefore have solved anything difficult not to undertake, simply to have a rest wonderfully well, and many to communicate to the nature. So, have got on a train, have arrived to Simferopol, therefrom - a minibus on Alushtu. Here have decided to stop for three days and popljazhitsja. Have rented private apartment - and run on a beach. I think, it is not necessary to describe features of beach rest, but from the sea have received the pleasure sea.

    And walked on a city in the evening. Alushta - rather silent and quiet city. Though during a resort season having here again a rest it is a lot of. So to sit in hammered kafeshkah on quay it would not be desirable. More often simply walked and breathed sea air. By the end have the day before yesterday laid things in backpacks, have once again checked up presence of all necessary, have bought in addition products that in the morning without a delay to go to mountains.

    Having communicated still houses to skilled Crimean travellers, have decided to go on mountain Kushkaja. As to us have explained, lifting will be simple and it can be made for one day. But we have decided not to hasten, and to stretch pleasure for three days. So, from Alushty we move on the Yalta highway, we turn off on Babugan further. Yes, has forgotten to tell that Kushkaja - one of tops of Babugana.

    But at first we have decided to look at falls Golovkinsky. At first on road went by summer residences, then have waded small river and further - to a footpath conducting to falls. To us have told what there to go not for long. But we did not hasten anywhere, sometimes stopped to admire surrounding nature and to falls have reached hour through three.

    The falls have appeared small, but the cascade over it very beautiful, and in general the place was pacifying, it would not be desirable to leave therefrom. We have decided to have a rest and a bite there. Then have moved to a way back, to road on Babugan. Moving on road, constantly it would be desirable to stop and look round - so it was magnificent around, and such picturesque kinds opened to us.

    Having passed, as us have learnt, the first wood barracks, have reached the second. Here there was a source with potable water. And as we have enough got tired, and further the way became more abruptly, have decided for today our way to finish and stay the night there. Were equipped long enough. Not all those who went, already enough podrasterjali skill earlier went to campaigns, and. But, as a result of the general efforts, all has been prepared for spending the night and a supper.

    I will not tell about a sit-round gathering at a fire, it, perhaps, is known to each tourist. And here at night mosquitoes have spoilt a dream fairly. Here and the first omission was found out - any protective means from mosquitoes we did not take. So we have slept not so well. In the morning all have washed from a source, and discontent from sleepless night it vanished as if by magic. In a word, we had breakfast already in good mood.

    Tourists we were undisciplined as did not hasten anywhere, therefore gathered long. And, at last, have set out. Using indexes and signs, have soon turned off the road, on the way passed some saddles, have admired Gipsy road which actually is abrupt enough descent. Have gone over breakage further, and have reached the pass cut in a rock which name the Devil's ladder.

    Having passed Chertovu a ladder, we already were on Babugane. And before us there was last purpose - to rise on Kushkaja.

    Its top is at height of 1340 metres above sea level. And we a debt admired a view opening therefrom. The kind on cape the Chamny-breaker especially beautifully looked. Having admired much, and having expressed each other the delight, have decided to have a rest well. Have found a suitable place, have settled down. Also have understood that have developed to itself "brutal appetite". That good in meal during a campaign is that backpacks all become easier. And, as the way back was coming downwards and in general all was much easier. Though descent in mountains hardly reminds city walk.

    Having arrived to the place of the night parking, have decided to stop here again. Around beauty, besides a source nearby. And, as tourists we not skilled, have decided not to search for additional adventures (girls especially insisted on it).

    The day before yesterday we have spent half on the nature, and then have moved to a way back. And it is interesting that the most difficult was to refuse communication. We have agreed that all for this time will be disconnected by mobile phones. And so all time would be desirable to call native, to learn how are you doing on work, and to brag to the colleagues occupied with labour activity, it would be desirable a little. But, time has pledged a word have constrained it. And only on highway have included phones. In general, without adventures we have reached Simferopol. And further - a train and road home. Suntanned, had a rest and become stronger, we have overslept all way back on the regiments.

    the Author: Egor Fomin
    It is placed: 8 04 2009
    It is seen: 11 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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