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    об_Алуште. To Turkey now we gather

    All of us fluctuated between Crimea and caucasus but Crimea has won)))

    And here we even were defined with a place Have chosen small settlement under Alushtom Fishing.... Knowing a problem with tickets by train we have decided to go by the bus have found firm have booked tickets for August easy having forgotten about it. We have started to search for habitation on the Internet... I can fairly tell the prices there now completely not cheap.... For number with the conditioner and mountains water in the private house it was necessary to lay out a minimum of 40 60 dollars for days for usual with conditions in the street from 15 dollars and above vobshchem the other-wordly prices thus what to eat you should itself)))) well here after long searches we have chosen a small house... Having phoned to the mistress have agreed on concrete numbers and already absolutely was have calmed down and here one week prior to departure to us call from firm round

    Also speak that flight is excellent, come we to you we will return money were simply in a shock... Which as we have got bilkety there.... Of the return already also did not think have solved that we will understand on a place... And it has turned out so we have bought tickets and should arrive per day we call etotj to the woman earlier to warn and ask it... It has started to yell that will not hand over anything to us... That all Moskali of the grabber and boors that we will throw it and we will not arrive... We okanchatelno were upset... Here she calls back also already polite voice. (Probably greed has got the best) starts to speak come only one days to you pridetsja to live in usual nosmere while lux not to be released! ok have agreed... Have gathered have gone))) all went well mood frontier guards kotrye have spoilt only have woken at night at first on sew border and the passport too most have started to shine and demand has repeated and on the Ukrainian border through two. . Here I will pay your attention to that that if you when vyhodzhila has in marriage replaced a surname and has not replaced the passport that you in general can land or fine on a round sum in other variants of questions at them does not arise. Only they force all to rise in the middle of night it not so pleasantly ((well and so) we have arrived to Sevastopol... Have found a minibus to Fishing and joyful that there were all some hours before treasured long-awaited holiday... But when we have gone out of town and have passed where hour the minibus has curtailed that on a mountain streamer and rushed at reckless speed on these awful zakruchennyi to twisting roads... I in general am good any road I transfer... But here I have hardly sustained more shortly from a minibus we have hardly got out... All were hardly live and green... We have gone on searches dorma already having passed all settlement right at the end at road on a hillock... Highly enough over the sea we have found this cottage a lovely small house but all the same far enough were from the sea! The hotel was called OVER the SEA!!!! People of more boorish relation I did not meet (us the parlourmaid has there and then resulted in number and as though not vznachaj has told that for this number (and it was tiny komorka without any conveniences under the roof we should we will pay for days as for number lux.... And on a trace day us will move in lux! It is necessary to tell to my indignation there was no limit because me already in impudent tried to rob blind there and then the mistress has come and has started to water ruskih on what light! I have told that I will remain there minutes and why that has started howling, the husband was got tired. Has become angry on me and has told that it will not go anywhere... But then when it has already started to be rude openly we have collected things and have left... She to us in a trace long shouted that figs we of that will find we resembled also their three offers have chosen so-called Elling kotryj was in 10 metres at the sea... Already the beach pebble really was closer. . It cost to us of 35 dollars a day kondeja and water mountains there were not on nom already ve was equal... But we did not have neighbours and we lived separately... It was unique it is not taken out hot at night... kadaja night as a nightmare. We escaped that that went to bathe at night the blessing to the sea even it was not necessary to go... To us has still carried we lived already on suburb of settlement and the sea was pure when in settlement there was a terrible dirt about meal will tell one. Costs there it is all not cheaply... It is seldom tasty... We have few times poisoned... But then have found more less decent kafeshku sometimes ate there and sometimes prepared) fruit there nedeshevle than in Moscow... voobshchem as that so) about return tickets in general separate history. At us during too time friends in Feodosiya they through what that of acquaintances had a rest have got tickets from Feodosiya (at all from the city (and from kogoto a substation) and the train departed in 5,30 mornings!! More shortly veseluha! We had to take the car what there to reach at night for which we have given 2000 here so! As a result we have spent more than 40 tys, to Turkey now we gather hardly with bolshej the sum but not with soezmirimoj a difference in komfotre. And my quiet nerves

    the Author: Irinka, Mosk. Region
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 5 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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