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    About all one after another

    I Wish to tell about rest in Alushte from 29.06.07 till. (Generally in Crimea in this summer I have lived 2 months, but it already other history. In Alushte there lived 2 weeks).no about all one after another. Went вчетвером:я with the girl and the friend with the. I was there and in 2006 and have decided to change nothing, very much it was pleasant. So at 14:30 we in Simferopol. At once have decided to change money, and have correctly made, as a course in Simferopol above. I can recommend an exchanger in a building of the Simferopol medical university (directly from station through the park, five minutes to a course). With road there are no problems. At your service trolley buses, buses, minibuses and a taxi. Remembering last year's experience, have gone at once to minibuses, but by the way of us the taxi driver who for 80 grivnas (hardly 400 roubles there are more) has kindly agreed to deliver us to a place has intercepted. The minibus of 15 grivnas from the person (can ask surcharges for luggage).doroga occupies about 40 minutes. With habitation besides any problems. The same taxi drivers start to offer it in Simferopol, but to use them rieltorskimi services I do not advise. Leave on road service station in Alushte and on you the huge crowd of the people at once snatches, wishing to hand over a living space. We have removed excellent 2-hkomnatnuju apartment with all conveniences around road service station (street of a name of 60 years of the USSR) for 100 grivnas a day (approximately 500 roubles).edinstvennyj a minus-is far to the sea, but nearby a stop of a minibus which runs to timetable. So we planned an exit from house so that to get on a stop of minutes for 5 to a minibus (journey 1 grivna).obratno from a beach the same situation, and after evening parties usually went by a taxi (15 grivnas).rasporjadok day at us was takov:9-10 o'clock in the morning till 4-5 evenings on a beach, hours in 12 ate (cafe, dining rooms, bars a great lot for all tastes and a purse), home, on the way bought something from meal, again we eat already houses, and hours per 7-8 evenings on quay. Went on a city beach (an input of 4 grivnas from the person).narodu mnogovato, but always found a place at the water. The sea was very warm and pure enough. I on depth about metre have managed to consider at the bottom a denomination in 20 grivnas and when has dived behind it it has appeared that them there 4 pieces floated (do not bathe, citizens in shorts).voobshche valjanie on a beach employment ungrateful, therefore we with the friend sufficed minutes on 30-40. Then we left little girls there, and left in the nearest very cosy bar, and.... Very cheerfully spent time. Fairly to tell, all these two weeks we practically did not dry out. Beer good, inexpensive. Excellent wine. On a beach at your service any water entertainments (bananas, tablets water motorcycles etc.) Separately I wish to write about water motorcycles!!! Do not regret hundred grivnas for 5 minutes of driving. Emotions and delight the indescribable. You go for a drive itself at the wheel. Still very cool attraction-bajkonur, is on the same most city beach, starts to work along toward evening. Still there is a park of attractions, but it is more focused on children. In the evening on quay too is on what to look. Various local actors, musicians entertain you absolutely free of charge (to pay or not your business).rabotajut I did not try to consider some discos, and bars and restaurants at all. The local population very benevolently concerns Russians, as in Crimea almost 90 percent of the population Russian. About цен:по to comparison with the Russian resorts very cheaply, there is nothing to tell more. Finishing, I wish to tell that these have flown by 2 weeks almost imperceptibly, therefore Alushta-2008 waits for me!!!

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    Krymoljub, Moscow of an e-mail, 11/15/2007 15:40, IP:, response number: 7853

    Good afternoon all! We with a family very much like to have a rest in Crimea. The magnificent nature, the dryness of a climate interesting to sight. We stop always in Alushte, in Guerrilla street (silent, quiet) to quay of minutes of 15-20 walkings. This year ate in a dining room "home-style". It is tasty, variously prepare and it is inexpensive. Always purely, is where hands to wash before meal. From Alushty it is convenient to go by excursion: you want on the left, you want to the right, you want in the centre of Crimea, all, as they say, near at hand. Have travelled all JUBK from the Pike perch to Sevastopol. We try to go under the own steam that slowly, in pleasure, all to look, have a rest. That guides tell can be esteemed (in books, on the Internet), and that that they show anywhere it is impossible to look, unless in photos and videoclips, the sensation is, of course, far not that. Therefore, where there is a possibility, we examine man-made and not man-made monuments separately from guides. Well … Nobody adjusts, admire how many you want and where you want. We go to Crimea behind health and impressions. And clubs at us and the house though a pond prudi.

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    Tatyana, Moscow of 9/11/2007 14:06, IP:, response number:

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