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    об_Алуште. All have received it on 100%

    Nostalgia on Alushte and Crimea tormented me a year three. For the first time we with the husband have gone there to wedding travel 10 years ago, in the second time - 6 years ago.

    And here has come true: we with the girlfriend and children reshchili to go not to Krasnodar territory (the rest which has twice spoilt to me by intestinal infections for all family), and to Crimea!

    People, nostalgia has died for the second day of our stay in favourite Alushte!

    Krymchane, what you do with the riches?! Why you so do not love the finest edge?! When there there will be a present Owner?

    So, one after another:

    1. A city - 3 from 10 points. Alushta has turned to the big dustbin! Constantly pursued smells of decaying dust and the water drain. On roadsides of roads - borders from plastic bottles, packages, aljumin.banok (the same picture on an entrance to the Vorontsovsky palace, a glade of fairy tales, Lastochkinomu to a nest.). Yes, I understand that having a rest it is a lot of, not all from them are brought up so that will search for an urn to throw out dust. But at times it was necessary to search really for this urn throughout several quarters! Besides, if in Anapa, the Kabardian, Gelendzhike are overflowed by evening of an urn, in the morning not later than 6-7 hours all is already cleaned. In Alushte I of it did not see. Such sensation that yard keepers simply does not exist!

    Except a smell of dustbins were also smells of excrements: city park, quay. Toilets (paid, bio) like would stand, but when the child had a necessity to visit the given institution, we have counted 7 (!) closed on ambarnye locks. And it on quay in 11 mornings. Forgive, but in this case smells - any more fault having a rest.

    The prices for habitation, of course, yet have not caught up with Krasnodar territory, but not so small (we rented a room in apartment with the mistress for 30 u.e a day). Apartment on a turn-key basis - 55-60 c.u.

    From shops the supermarket "ИѕЁ°х=" uses O-O-huge popularity; (a-lja ours "¤р=ІЁёюэ"), but campaigns in it for me became torture. I have not got used to stand in a queue in cash desk for 30-40 minutes. It was necessary to look there more close by midnight, the blessing lived nearby. The same prices, as at us, assortment are poorer, but to choose is from what, into the delayed and stale goods did not run.

    As to fruit, a lot of Turkish-Greek-Spanish. Naive having a rest sellers in the markets plant, convincing that peaches on a half a kilogramme everyone and same nektariny - local, Bakhchsarai!. I long laughed. Local fruit could be bought only in places of unorganized trade, behind market territory. Grapes, cheap and tasty, - on shops alushtinskogo state farm on quay.

    2. The sea - 9 points from 10 possible. A maximum has not put only because we went on distant east beach of boarding house "Рыртѕ=шё" (apprx. 30 minutes of walking from the centre, 4 grivnas for an input, children - are free). Neither dregs, nor dust in water did not see never for 13 days. There were no even stubs on a beach. For the first time (!!!) with the big surprise observed, how smokers rise to an input on a beach, in specially taken away places to smoke a cigarette. We can, if we want!

    Was not on a beach and bothering dealers with pahlavoj-tubules-corns though on quay they with the goods went.

    To the people during a peak season, of course, it is a lot of. But even at 8.30-9.00 it was possible to take a place under an awning (to us it actually: we white, quickly burn). Having decided to find once a beach is closer to the house, in the centre, at 8 o'clock have been compelled, having given on 10 (!) grivnas from the adult and 5 grivnas for the boy of 8 years, to sit practically under a ladder in a corner on a sanatorium beach "РхтхЁэр  -тшэр" and the bottom there was not pleasant to us - the stones which have grown with seaweed. Having decided not to experiment any more, have returned on a Slavutich.

    3. Excursions (impression of mum):

    - alushtinsky an aquarium and a terrarium on a trolleybus ring - 10 points. Good fellows young children-guides, working on care of animals. Beautifully, interestingly, pure and well-groomed animals. Such rich exposition as in this aquarium, I did not see anywhere.

    - Aquapark "¦шэфрыіэр  ЁюЁр" - 9 points. Beautifully, compactly, the wide choice of hills suffices, it is a lot of chaise lounges, an excellent bistro. But an agiotage at ticket offices, a crush on an input have a little spoilt impression. To go better on all the day (160 gr. The adult, 140 children's ticket).

    - A delphinarium in Partenite - 7 points. After gelendzhikskogo representation looks rather weakly, bad acoustics, conducting not to disassemble a word. Children liked dolphins.

    - Excursion of Lastochkino a nest-vorontsovsky a palace (organised) - 4 points. Has regretted that have not gone under the own steam. The bus - an old jingling MANHOLE, the guide it is not audible. On survey of the Swallow of a distance of 40 minutes, and there only to reach a palace it is possible behind 15-20 fast children's step. In general have reached run, were photographed, having put out languages have come running to the bus and have got it hot for delay. Vorontsovsky park like would try to support, but in an amicable way it should be cleaned from young growth and a windbreak in many places, to put more urns and shops. A palace and the palace guide - 10 points.

    - Ah-petri - 3 points. Went. Having had heard plenty of horrors about a crush at the bottom station kanatki, have upward decided to rise a minibus. In vain! Children has strongly rocked to sleep on a streamer. Then about half an hour came to the senses. One more error - have gone in the morning, therefore walked in clouds, panoramas of Yalta it was not visible. But it was possible to look from above at a thunder-storm over Yalta. After a cloud dinner over mountain rasseeivajutsja, we have then learnt it and have seen. The most awful is a turn on descent on kanatke: medley from 400-500 persons, any organised turn, there were 2,5 hours. As us with children have not knocked down, itself I do not know! Having gone down at 14.30, with surprise have found out below turn the person from 50 on lifting. Therefore council - to go after a dinner in both parties kanatkoj.

    - Glade of fairy tales - 8 points. It was interesting to children, but in the second time they it will not look.

    - Zoo - 10 points. The same pluses, as at alushtinskogo an aquarium Besides, it is possible to feed animals and to communicate with amusing pigs. At us in a city the fine zoo, but equally was pleasant to all of us Yalta. Thanks owners!

    - Caves Marble and Emine-bair-Hosar - 20 points from 10 possible. Children after a trip on a minibus on a streamer with us have not gone, them have left with the mistress of the house. Impressions of adults - one thousand times "-рѕ"! I can not describe sensation At all: a shock, fear, delight, a shock. Of this excursion dreamt 10 years and knowingly!!! Many thanks to guides to Eugene from Marble and Dimochke from Emine-bair-Hosar. Competent speech, excellent knowledge of a material, a lambent humour. Good fellows! These are impressions of all who went with us in the bus.

    By the way, concerning the bus - the same song. Old Ikarus at whom the transmission (!).slava to god halfway has broken, have reached the live.

    So, a conclusion. Went to the sea and the sun, all have received it on 100%. For 12 days have seen a lot of interesting (excursions see). Have arrived healthy and rather had a rest. But these good impressions are spoilt very much by that negative about which I wrote above. Krymchane! Grow fond of the edge! Help it to become again such, as earlier! Understand that possibilities of self-cleaning at the nature nebezgranichny and you can soon lose the main riches. I very much love Crimea and it was a pity to me to look at how you concern it. If there is no money at municipal authorities, oblige small and average business to watch adjoining territories (as at us in a city), punish rouble for a dirt in the fixed territory. Organise unorganized tourists in places of excursions, having excluded a brothel (it I about Ah-petri).vse can be made if to want. And then Crimea again will begin to shine as the finest zhemchzhina on light!

    the Author: Olga, Penza
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 3 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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