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    $, weather in ALUSHTE


    об_Алуште. To all I advise!

    All greetings! Had a rest in Alushte from 27.08 till, it would be desirable to share impressions.

    While went in a train Moscow-Simferopol have bought grivnas on 500 rub, only that has sufficed on road to Alushtu. At station have sat down on mrshrutku for 25 gr. From the person though read that near Makdonalsa on 16 gr. (Then neighbours have told that it is not necessary to sit down in minibuses where strenuously invite, and to pass far away and will see municipal).

    On Road service station we were knocked nearly down by the grannies offering habitation. But we have decided to have a rest in the Professorial corner, and such offer has arrived only one. And we have gone by a trolley bus to look a variant (the main thing, is free). Council: if you have arrived for the first time (as we) to go with "Ёрчтюф Ёшь" better; to look its variant and at the same time to walk and to look offers. So we also have made. On Glazkritsky almost on each house there was a tablet "Рфрх=ё  цшыіх" only choose under the prices. But as a result having wandered nevertheless have returned to an initial variant. Rented a room for 20 c.u. a day, a quiet court, good owners, to the sea of 5 minutes on foot! It was pleasant to us. Only here water in a shower heated up from the sun. In the first day we have not betrayed to it value, there was a heat, but then weather has deteriorated and to find warm water was a problem.

    In the first put have gone to bathe, the sea warm, the city beach in Professorial was pleasant, a sand with melenkoj a pebble unless to the people it is full, but in the end of a place season all the same is. We were delighted, but weather on August, 30th has sharply deteriorated, the sea became not simply cold-ice. And so till September, 6th we did not bathe, unless okuneshsja - and chustvuesh ourselves a walrus in an ice-hole. It was very insulting, without the sea rest not that. Likely all who had a rest on JUBK at this time me understand. Up to 6th every day rains, evenings cold, a strong wind (well that warm things took) Got warm only vkusnejshim masandrovskim wine.

    By the way, do not buy some wine in streets in pouring, disturb not clearly with what. An example, have bought the first time in the market "Рхфіьюх эхсю" madly it was pleasant. Then took it in street-such chustvo that it razbodjazhili spirit. Muck still that. But most of all Muskatel, natural juice was pleasant.

    Went in my opinion on the basic excursions: in the Alupku-Vorontsovsky palace, Ah-petri, to Yalta and the Swallow's nest by the steam-ship. All very much was pleasant, most of all it was pleasant on Ah-petri. Beauty unusual, especially when you make an ascension to a teeth. And about a shish kebab the truth tell it very tasty. Read at you that it is better to go there without excursion, a pier drive, you are in time nothing. I will disagree, we were in time everything, and on horses to drive, and on a teeth slazit. In general I in delight by nature Crimea!!! Such magnificence of mountains, the seas, vegetation-is simple shakes imagination. Especially when plyvesh by the steam-ship also you admire coast from the sea. Impressions on all life.

    Had dinner often in a boarding house dining room "-эхяЁ" not bad prepare also the prices cheap. Resembled in Professorial on different kafeshkam, I will tell if who poedit:

    It is very tasty feed and under the comprehensible prices in cafe "+ѕ=юЁюъ" there it was pleasant to us most of all. Still good places "-юыэр" and "+ё=Ёютюъ" (but in "-юыэх" have once counted bread instead of 70 copeck for 7 grivnas - be attentive, check accounts always). In cafe "Л яЁшёрыр" took for service of 20% (where such vidano), and in "ррщёъюь ѕуюыъх" besides that is not cheap, and have shortchanged on 20 gr. On a disco went in "рюсшэчюэ" on the central quay, it was healthy, music simply super!

    Went to an aquapark, it was pleasant doubly - water was warm unlike the sea. 90 gr. There is a session with 14 to 17, to us has sufficed.

    The prices for fruit, products, cigarettes as in Moscow, all is expensive. But it has not spoilt impression. All the same I am happy with a trip, despite weather. Crimea is a place which necessarily should be visited, will not regret. And still I am glad that we have lodged in the Professorial corner. In comparison with Alushtoj there is more silent, after all the private sector absolutely small, but all the same boils a life, a good free beach, a cosy place. To all I advise!!!

    the Author: Olesya, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 7 times ()
    A story Estimation: Excellent  

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