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    об_Алуште. We will wait for next year


    I adore to read reports on how someone has spent the holiday in Crimea, especially very detailed, therefore has decided to write the such itself also. Can be useful to someone.

    We had a rest in Alushte from June, 25th till July, 24th, 2006. It is we two adults and three children: the girl of 9 years and boys of 9 and 7,5 years. Here our report. Forgive for errors if is.

    Yes, it would be desirable to add: no rudeness and to that of our rest similar for all years in Crimea to us met (5 years) had a rest. That us revolted the only thing, so it is necessity to pay for all around though for this purpose there is no basis. As a whole holiday has passed remarkably. And I love Crimea without looking on what. Now the report.


    On June, 24th at 9-05 from Kursk station by 219 train we have gone to ours, so a long time expected travel. I with children went in compartment, and the husband in a car with reserved seats. (Have decided to save on the husband). Quite decent compartment, pure, not damp linen which 70 rbl. or 8 grivnas costed. In the complete set there were even handkerchiefs in packing. It especially was pleasant to children.

    In a compartment all road the conditioner worked. Windows in a corridor so all road it was cool opened. Simply remarkably, because the husband said that in a reserved seat people are soared. To it that has carried, since it went with us, here the rest ….


    On the Russian border all is excellent. Frontier guards have checked up passports, St. about a birth, and the loose leaf about citizenship at all have not asked. On the Ukrainian border too did not carp, but for children have asked to show loose leaves so they are necessary (loose leaves). It was possible to go under passports, but we went on the Russian. Any problems. Frontier guards have wished us happy journey. The border is passed also we on a home straight.

    On June, 25th at 6-45 we in Simferopol. At station roubles – 0,170, and $ - 4,90. In a city a course above. In Alushte roubles changed on 0.175-0.180, $ till 4.98-4.95. A good course in an exchanger in the Aquapark and on mail on Yalta, 1.

    About McDonald's in cash desk have bought tickets for a minibus to Alushty: vzr. – 11 gr., and it is put. – 5,49 gr. In 50 minutes were on a place. Weather super! The sea warm, somewhere 22-24 degrees.


    Have lodged in the Yalta street, and one-room apartment. It is not far from road service station. To the sea it is far, but we went by №2 trolley bus to the slave. A corner. Occupied it somewhere 30-40 minutes to a free beach.

    We there had already a rest last year. Then us has resulted there planting, and in it ourselves have phoned to the mistress about what I in a consequence have very much regretted. We agreed with it for 15$ a day and when have arrived, she has asked for July on 18$. (Then the truth has thrown off to 17$). It was necessary to leave at once. To go on road service station and to search last year's planting, but we for old time's sake remained, though next year I will not go any more to this mistress. Having talked then to Olga Grigorevnoj (planting), we have understood that have strongly lost, since having a rest at that time was very little, and we could take places more cheaply (for 13-15$ a day for all period).

    Looking through reports, I somewhere have seen that it is better to address to the mistress (for as has paid) since at the planting will be more expensive, but I with it do not agree. As to me has explained our planting, we its bread, therefore it will put a maximum of efforts to please us, can even persuade the mistress to hand over more cheaply (they there each other know all). I leave its co-ordinates in the form of advertising: mob. 8-067-869-78-38 and the house. 8-10-380-6560-54256 - calls from Russia (in the morning till 8-00 and in the evening after 21-00, time Ukrainian).

    A FOOD

    We ate so: in the morning of the house – it is dry. A breakfast, fast squashes, tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruktiki, etc. On a beach we bought nothing, since all it is not known where becomes and on sale dirty hands. Once even saw, how the saleswoman has dropped something on a beach, has lifted, has shaken off and has put back. Faugh …

    Had dinner in a dining room on quay. There them 3 pieces: "Primorski Krai", "Home-style", "Relish". The prices approximately identical. "Relish" was not pleasant to us last year. At first have tried to eat in "Primorski Krai". Anything, but it was pleasant to us in "Home-style" more. Basically both these dining rooms of anything, but it seemed to us that there where we ate a portion were more. (In "Home-style"). It managed to us somewhere from 48 to 70 gr. For all. We took the first, the second, salads, eclairs, bread. Drink prevailed (juice or aerated water). Sometimes bought in a dining room kvass and cocktails to children. You can look the prices on a site On the way home bought ice-cream.

    In the evening sometimes fried a potato and did salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and sweet onions. M-m-m! It is tasty. All vegetables and fruit bought in the market on the way to "Buffet table". All the rest: tasty, wine, drink, sausage, a hen, yoghurts etc., bought in "Buffet table". Excellent shop. There even was cheaper, than in the market at road service station. It works (Buffet table) like from 8-00 till. Sometimes ate a pizza and hot dogs in cafe "Амиго" on quay at a city beach. The pizzeria has disappointed in shop of Massandrovsky wines: in July have raised the prices. The pizza began to cost from 29 gr. Big, and in "Amigo" big from 17 to 21 gr.

    I will result some prices for products:

    - Strawberry from 10 to 20 gr. For kg.

    - Sweet cherry 6-9 gr.

    - nektariny, peaches till 16-20 gr.

    - Cherry plum 1.5-4 gr.

    - Potato 2-3 gr.

    - Tomatoes 3-6 gr.

    - Sweet onions from 7 to 4 gr. For a bundle

    - Mineral water ("Crimean") 2.40-2.80 in the Buffet table

    - Aerated water «Lemonade Crimean» 1л from 3.25 till

    - Shish kebab from 10 to 15 gr. For 100 gramme


    When we have arrived (on June, 25th), beaches were thin. Pansionatsky beaches hung out announcements that the input on them costs 3 gr. (In the end of July such was not). Even on a free beach at ten o'clock it was possible to find a place in a professorial corner freely. Later it was necessary to come earlier, and in the end of July at 8-30 the empty seat could to be found. We went on a free beach. Once have gone on a city beach for 3 gr. It was not pleasant to us. (Children till 10 years there are started up free of charge). On other beaches we did not go.


    On the organised excursions we did not go. Very expensively. Went by a trolley bus, minibuses.

    The first our travel was in Partenit. At 9-17 from landing stage in a professorial corner we have sailed by a ship to Partenita. Floated somewhere minutes 20. Vzr. The ticket – 10 gr., it is put. – 7 gr. Were bought on a free city beach. To the people it is not a lot of. In Partenite there is sanatorium "Crimea". To get on its territory and on a beach it is necessary to buy the admission: children till 7 years free of charge, with 7 till 14 years - 2.50 gr., the adult – 5 gr. Very big territory of park: it is possible to take a walk, eat (in a dining room, cafe, but they are more expensive, than in Alushte), to sunbathe on beach, only is impossible to occupy plank beds. We were there 2 times. Very much it was pleasant to us. Still it is possible to reach Partenita so: by a trolley bus for 2.00 or 2.50 gr. (I do not remember precisely) to ost. "Partenit", and there on other party in bushes avtobusik directly to a sanatorium checkpoint for 1 gr. Or a straight line avtobusik to sanatorium from Alushty for 5 gr. (It has a schedule).

    The second our travel was in NBS (a botanical garden). By a trolley bus №53 which has gone from Alushty at 8-22 we have reached to ost. «The botanical garden». Have walked on foot downwards, enjoying air and kinds. The adult – 8 gr., children's – 4 gr. Excursion: vzr. – 3 gr., it is put. – 2 gr. Have walked with excursion, have then taken a walk. During the lunchtime have gone down on a beach. A hogwash. It is a lot of stones, though water pure. We have decided to float home by a ship which left therefrom at 18-00, therefore it was necessary to return to a garden and to take a walk there more till 17-00. (Keep the ticket, on it you can come again into a garden during the day). Nearby 20-00 were in Alushte.

    There was an attempt to visit a zoo and a glade of fairy tales in Yalta. However it has appeared it is very unprofitable for such big family: in a zoo – the adult 20 gr., the child 10 gr., and on a glade - the adult 15 gr., children's 10 gr. Therefore we have gone to take a walk on quay of Yalta. That day there was a storm. Very much it was pleasant to us. Good pictures have turned out.

    The following our travel was in the Valley of reductions. By the bus from autostation have reached to Radiant for 2 gr. The truth we left earlier, at turn to horse camp. (The driver will necessarily prompt, where it). Have walked to ruins of a fortress of Funy (lifting very much in gorochku). An input there 3 gr. - vzr., 1.50 – children. An input in a valley 4гр. – vzr., 2 gr. – it is put. Have taken a walk, pofotkalis. All super.

    Ah-petri. For 4.08 gr. Have reached to Yalta by a trolley bus. On final a trolley bus for 4 gr. Lodge in a minibus №27 and have reached to the bottom rope-way. (On №50 it is possible to reach to the top rope-way). There was a turn, but it quickly moved. For 20 gr. Adults and 10 gr. Children with 7 till 10 years (the controller very captiously looks at children and at us to the girl who looked obviously more than for 10 years, have forced to change the ticket) we have appeared on Ah-petri. Concerning a rope-way I have not tested special delight. Above we resembled, have taken a walk, pofotkalis. An input in a cave to the Three-eye 10гр. The adult, children till 10 years free of charge. An input on the highest point – 5 gr. From the person. Back we have decided to go by a taxi. From us took 60 gr. And in general take from the people 20 gr.

    Still we have visited alushtinsky a zoo. An input: century – 5 gr., d. – 2.50. Very much it was pleasant. It is possible to communicate to animals. Them there not so much: there are fibers, a deer, a mountain goat, badgers, foxes, raccoons, wild boars, birds. It is possible even to feed, only the meal should be brought with itself since there sell nothing.

    Last year visited Vorontsovsky and Livadijsky palaces – it was pleasant. Dived with a mask in Gurzuf – super. Have typed there mussels. It was tasty. In the Aquapark were not. It seemed to me that it is expensive also children yet enough adult. In July the price there has again risen to 100 with something of grivnas.

    To have a rest, of course, it is healthy, but month has quickly flown by. Again it has not sufficed. It is necessary to come to Crimea for all summer that and to sunbathe and visit all sights.


    Weather was anything. On July, 1st after a dinner there was a rain. On July, 2nd and 3 the sea is strong shtormilo. 7, 8, on July, 9th rains. After that the sea has a little cooled down. 18.07 again a rain, 21.07, 22.07 sea shtormilo. As you can see, except for several days, weather was excellent.


    On July, 24th on a minibus have reached to Simferopol. (Tickets have bought in advance in road service station cash desk). Have handed over things in a left-luggage office. Earlier the cell in an automatic left-luggage office was cheaper, and now there is as much, how many a usual chamber. Have taken a walk on a city and at 12-03 by a firm train "Crimea" in a compartment have gone to Moscow. A train have submitted in advance, minutes for 30-40. The linen was on 10 gr. Worse, than last time. The car at all was not pleasant to me. The firm train was worse usual, and tickets cost more expensive. The conditioner worked, but is somehow weak. In a compartment was zharkovato. Have arrived to time, but somehow it would not be desirable home at all. We will wait Now for next year again to go to our favourite Crimea.

    That's all.

    the Author: Svetlana, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 7 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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