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    об_Алуште. Pritenzy a heap

    Were in Alushte in August of this year with 4 on 16 if to tell that horror it will be a little. Pritenzy a heap, 1-it the relation of people of local residents and obsluzh. The personnel. The personnel in club the Sound, Robinzon, etc. razvlekalovah horror, voprvyh, cherezchur impudent, we shedrye people but when to you something is constant importunately vparivajut, try to dissolve, etc. to Steam of examples: In Club Robinzon - have come, have sat down for a little table of 6-foreheads, I the fan of a hookah and have ordered it at once, (With a hookah they as it should be have kaljanshchiki which all are able good tobacco and voobshchim to them is not present pritenzy good fellows that not to tell about club the Sound but about it later), long waited for the waiter observing as it communicates with edge of a bar rack with the barman, condemning devushchek behind little tables, but it is lyrics, in general podoshol at last that, has brought one menu on all (well, lowering it understand not Moscow) on readiness to make the order we have invited it, but here young chelrovek working as the waiter has revolted me inexpressibly the impudence and impudence, I and mine duvyshka wished to drink rum, neokozalos such, well, have chosen whisky usual ред.2х100, kolu separately, ice anologichno, limmon, Having listened to my order the waiter has begun vparivat to me dr, whisky ostensibly they is better also all something like that, and that it will make sve together in a glass in a kind koktelja. I have objected and have accurately let know that is necessary for me so. On what he has told koly is not present separately only in koktele. I can understand all itself have worked bolle 6th years at restaurants, bars, and clubs, Moscow from the waiter to the manager, and odministratora hzavedenija and all kitchen I know, And on its place I without prirekany would make all and have earned the tea, instead of tried to work well together with the barman on drinks, and also at iojh friends too most with the order, Voobshchem would be desirable to see already the manager of an institution, whether as that tone with katorym communicated the waiter neslishkom is free for visitors of an institution, voobshem the hookah as it was not pleasant was pleasant only, it is so-called calculation in the EAR, where checks where schita all in an ear. If the response will be read by whom nibud from anministratsii prozba to pay attention to the personnel, etiquette it is possible not to know but concern visitors the personnel so is obliged that people have returned to them instead of to other institution. As to club the Sound so in general all is bad with obsluzhiveniem. Has ordered a hookah the waitress has brought, I poprasil shchiptsi and esche coal, coal in tablets that for otnoshchenie to people smoke silitru the person can ignorant a hookah. But if you have made such service budte are kind that all was correct, the Hookah was not smoked I who has asked the waitress does hookahs which not to last and why I rasskurivaju it instead of kaljanshchik on what has received the answer BARMEN, the dear administration nestoit to put in the menu that of that neumejut to do, it as a dish if pover neoputen it it not to turn out, tebbolee eza it we pay, voobshchem I has asked to clean this similarity on a hookah, and esche has revolted mistrust to visitors that this such sitting at a little table ordering ostavljae money. To me nisli the account after each order. So esche and already vkljuchinymi to percent, people it is not necessary to remind of tip, it is to put it mildly uncivilized we white people and are quite competent, and to strain on ten times for a night with rasetom it is not necessary and tembolee schaem. Voobshchem the system suffers, be corrected, it is necessary to equal on a civilisation instead of on deshchevuju to cattle, yes kstat about the last. Companions it is time to take care about a face the control, it is horror, 50/50 half such in clubs, chutli not from a beach in swimming trunks, or esche a variant, the sports trousers, one as well as pologaetsja is twisted, without a vest sootvetstvenno, the cap alja Kengol drunk already to break club and its buddy to all appearances Babtsa to look after.

    2 It is horror planyj a beach, but all the same if zplatil not the fact that you will find places, I not against a payment for a beach, on the other hand beach administration should kakto regulate it if places are not present postavte the tablet, and do not start up bolche than mozhite and that turns out pay and a place will find or not it is unimportant. nab your grandmas are necessary instead of you and it is not important priedite esche or not

    3 mesnye inhabitants onizhe businessmen? Have decided to make a house supper, have gone marketing, voobshchem takm in general a linden, such impudence is not present in Moscow all prices at sellers are equal. Not to agitate the market and a competition. There and then was so, sits babulja the divine dandelion, only probably supreme it has awarded in a place of a dandelion with a hump on a back and nezrja, seeing that Muscovites, vlomila such prices, we vprintsipi neorientirovals in the market and took potatoes and esche a lot of stuff during the moment while my girl hung up babulja on scales has approached through two trays to dr prodovtsu where the prices twice more low, revolted prodojdja komne and having told babuli that at it the prices are very overestimated. The grandma as it is visible in a youth has loudly told And go in where want, naturally from it took nothing, but it has strongly strained us really in people neostalos anything sacred as and in shops always it is necessary to count most it is impossible to trust. I never nebyl but here I have been compelled by the Cheapskate schat

    To 3-me neponravilos that that on quay in the evening always one and too, in clubs one and tazhe music except for coming DJs, voobshchema is not enough variety, and in a week pribyvanija to become dullishly as after we descended in clubs desire was gone to visit them, and except cafe and walk on quay of alternatives is not present.

    4 as to akvaparko it is cool but it is small hills more.

    Voobshchem good it is not enough. It was my first trip on the South rather ours and last. Now only resorts of Europe, or Island sredizemnomorja.

    Wishes to inhabitants budte are more human to visitors it is your bread!!!

    the Author: Ivan, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 04 2009
    It is seen: 8 times ()
    A story Estimation: Best  

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