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    Responses of tourists. Alushta

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    has pleased only easier sufficed me
    the story Name the Author
    об_Алуште. All depends on mood of the person Nata, Eesti
    об_Алуште. The worst vacation spot! Olga, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Crimea for ekstremalov Ket, Sevastopol
    об_Алуште. Remained all are happy, except lohotronov mihail, tambov
    об_Алуште. The prices above than everywhere Vikusja, Krivoi Rog
    об_Алуште. Separate local "businessmen" spoil impressions about a city Pavel, Belgorod
    I in delight! Crimea, I love you! Julia, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Thanks you, Alushta! Tatyana, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Will carry as well as to us! Irina, the Eagle
    об_Алуште. A pigsty plant having a rest Irina, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Alushta - my love Larissa, Kharkov
    об_Алуште. I do not want any turtsy and tailandov! Lara, Kharkov
    об_Алуште. It was pleasant to my son Olga, Bavly
    об_Алуште. Crimea - a magnificent place! Anatoly, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Rest remained are very happy Julia, Khanty-Mansiysk
    Has discouraged to come here Anna, Austin
    об_Алуште. Voobshchem very much it is pleasant to us alushta elena, Donetsk
    об_Алуште. What for to strain? Pavlus, Lugansk
    об_Алуште. It is More we in Alushtu we will not go Julia, Belarus
    об_Алуште. Torture by a roar proceeds all night long Irina, Ulyanovsk
    об_Алуште. What Turkey, the people? What Egypt? Irina, Kremenchug
    об_Алуште. The nature Olga, Moscow
    об_Алуште. It is a little price-list Tatyana To, Moscow
    об_Алуште. The most remarkable rest Victoria, Riga
    об_Алуште. The most negative impressions. Tatyana, Moscow
    об_Алуште. All is very expensive also anything especial Olga, Perm
    об_Алуште. The nature, yes, super, krassivo Irina, Moscow
    об_Алуште. A deposit after that on a shower awful Alexander, Sankt-Pet
    об_Алуште. Impressions of a trip simply awful Vlad of L, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Hospitable people, the fine relation to children Maria, Moscow
    об_Алуште. I advise to go there Alina, Peter
    об_Алуште. I love you, Crimea! Farit, Moscow
    об_Алуште. It was possible to have a rest abroad Igor, Moscow
    об_Алуште. A cheap taxi, a climate and the sea Igor, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Alushta is super! Oksana, Kiev
    об_Алуште. I had a rest in this fine paradise! Ilja, Tashkent
    об_Алуште. I had a rest in this fine paradise! Ilja, Tashkent
    об_Алуште. Come to Crimea, will not regret Sanja, Kiev
    об_Алуште. In Crimea it is very good Cyril, Odessa
    об_Алуште. I very much like Alushta Natusik, Moscow
    об_Алуште. To go to Turkey or Bulgaria Max, Lugansk
    об_Алуште. Sadly. Simply sadly. Vladimr, Moscow
    об_Алуште. The relation to tourists the BAD! Farit, Moscow
    об_Алуште. This city is fine Light, Minsk
    об_Алуште. It was very sad Julia, Moscow
    об_Алуште. I will go still! a knife., Kishinev
    об_Алуште. Alushta to me to be remembered for a long time Olja, Kiev
    об_Алуште. Alushta - najkrashche місто at світ і! Patr_ot, Ki§v
    об_Алуште. Practically all was pleasant Alexey, GZHEL
    об_Алуште. Appreciate the money Vitaly, Moscow
    об_Алуште. The sea the cleanest, dolphins saw Olja, Minsk
    об_Алуште. It is not necessary to any Turkey! IRISOCHKA, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Alushta very noisy city Julia, Ukraine, Hop
    об_Алуште. Pritenzy a heap Ivan, Moscow
    об_Алуште. To me normul, the brother in horror Tima, Bryansk
    об_Алуште. It is insulting for krym aleksej, balashiha
    об_Алуште. We will wait for next year Svetlana, Moscow
    об_Алуште. To all I advise! Olesya, Moscow
    об_Алуште. To have a rest in Crimea it is better in September Tanja, Kiev
    об_Алуште. The sea, mountains, pure sea air Vladimir, Kiev
    об_Алуште. I on all of 100% have spent the holiday! Gavanna, Moskva
    об_Алуште. I would not advise Konstantin, Ekaterinas
    об_Алуште. Here so, it is necessary to search Svetlana, Gomel, Be
    об_Алуште. The people in alushte normal Vova, Dnepropetrovsk
    об_Алуште. More than unpleasant than pleasant impressions ljudmila, moskva
    об_Алуште. Good only about the sea and the sun Pilotchik, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Very much we want back Svetik and Tanjushka
    об_Алуште. In Alushte a class! Irina, Minsk
    об_Алуште. Do not come across on their fishing tackle! Hope, Gomel
    об_Алуште. Impressions will suffice for all year Irina, Nikolaev
    об_Алуште. All have received it on 100% Olga, Penza
    об_Алуште. So that there we any more a foot. Volodja, Moscow
    об_Алуште. To Crimea behind health and impressions Krymoljub, Moscow
    About all one after another Maxim, Kursk
    об_Алуште. It should be a shame to local residents Oksana, minsk
    об_Алуште. People, ezzhajte are faster in Alushtu Tatyana, moskva
    об_Алуште. Excuse, more never we will go! Nata, Moscow
    об_Алуште. You are ready to such rest? Anastas, Moscow
    об_Алуште. For those who does not see in it a negative Sordiya, Moscow
    об_Алуште. To Turkey now we gather Irinka, Mosk. Region
    об_Алуште. You ravnjaeete the prices with Turkey, Egypt Vasily, Brest
    об_Алуште. We remained extremely are not happy Elena, Minsk
    об_Алуште. Any round for you will seem paradise Dmitry, Peter
    об_Алуште. We wait for you Egor, Alushta
    об_Алуште. The nature there really beautiful Elena, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Do not hope that all the same will arrive Dmitry, Peter
    об_Алуште. Not the best vacation spot Lera, Moscow
    об_Алуште. For this money I abroad annet, Obninsk
    об_Алуште. I adore Alushtu! Inessa, Gomel
    об_Алуште. In the summer only to Crimea laencina
    об_Алуште. We go again in August - on any Nadin
    об_Алуште. Well AH it is simple! makoo, Tver
    об_Алуште. Alushta very much is pleasant to me. Lenok
    об_Алуште. Good impressions remained Valery
    об_Алуште. Never in Crimea was earlier Anastas, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Have spent much the Sniper
    об_Алуште. In Alushte for the first time Svetlana,
    об_Алуште. Rest simply super! George, Moscow
    об_Алуште. I adore Alushtu! Irina, Moscow
    об_Алуште. Ezzhajte to Crimea Alexander, Kiev
    об_Алуште. I advise: all in the Pike perch! Natali, Kiev
    об_Алуште. The most remarkable resort Juliana, Minsk
    об_Алуште. I adore Crimea Olga
    об_Алуште. This unforgettable place! Naty
    об_Алуште. A full sediment! Ester
    об_Алуште. Simply remarkable city! Anyuta
    об_Алуште. Remained are very happy Olga
    об_Алуште. In Alushtu I any more the goer! Marina
    об_Алуште. We have spent week in Alushte alex
    об_Алуште. It is fine possible to have a rest Tim
    об_Алуште. The most abrupt movement in the evening dimson
    об_Алуште. A fairy tale, paradise Kotena
    об_Алуште. A place simply remarkable Christina
    об_Алуште. Who has imposed more pepper having a rest Julia
    об_Алуште. All pohabnie and pohabnie Julia
    об_Алуште. Opinion on Alushte normal Peter
    об_Алуште. A campaign on horses in mountains Ekaterina
    об_Алуште. To have a rest it is necessary to be able Anna
    about Alushte. A city of speculators, gangsters and speculators a family
    об_Алуште. A good place, but it is impossible to relax Natali, the VIP-manager
    об_Алуште. Rather silent and quiet city Egor Fomin
    об_Алуште. Much was pleasant, something not so svetlana the journalist
    об_Алуште. Has upholstered hunting to come here Anna
    об_Алуште. Fishing - to a meeting! the Sleepyhead, the manager
    об_Алуште. Karasan. With partial conveniences, i.e. with a bowl 2008
    30-YEARS-October. It is possible to find a place better Nikolay, trading pr
    Rock. Basically it was pleasant Marina
    об_Алуште. Private hotels of settlement Rock, M.Majak Marina
    об_Алуште. In Crimea that only on Rock! Minaev Stella domoh
    об_Алуште. Horrors of "Eureka" Elena. The bookkeeper
    30-YEARS-October. Do not choose this sanatorium! Elena
    об_Алуште. Sanatorium Karasan. Impressions negative Vanda
    об_Алуште. It is More a foot! Marina
    об_Алуште. Never I will not go any more Marina
    Sea-corner. So-called Andrey
    об_Алуште. Native Alushta Denis
    another. Service in alushte sergej, the traffic controller
    об_Алуште. Dreary rest, but cheerfully thanking... hell
    about Alushte. The market is the market Igor, Moscow
    about-alushte. Come to Crimea, will not regret Sanja, Kiev
    about-alushte. Search also you will find that is necessary for you Ilja, Tashkent
    about-alushte. Alushta is super!!! Oksana, Kiev
    about-alushte. A fine and surprising city Alina, Peter
    about-alushte. Razvodilovo under the full program Igor, Moscow
    about-alushte. Very much to be pleasant to me Alushta! Farit, Moscow
    30-YEARS-October. Otyhal with 13 on 27 Vitja, the Sou
    about-alushte. If wish to take vengeance on the enemy Zelinsky Svetlana,
    Sea-corner. This sanatorium not for those who. Elena
    Sea-corner. In July we go again Alexander, Kiev
    Sea-corner. With a stomach the diet Pasha
    Sea-corner. Can go Pasha, Kharkov
    Rock. A place excellent Lyudmila, Moscow
    Rock. Treatment too very good Juli
    the Youth. 04 – on August, 16th 2004 Oleg Vereskun, Dnepr
    the Youth. But so all Islands K GALYOK

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